Summation of April & May

I know, I know, I'm a liar.
I promised I would get back on track with posting after my AP exam, and I blew it. So here's a summary of the past two months, in photos, because although I forget to post on here, I do still take photos with the intention of doing so ;)

While we were in Philadelphia for the NEQ volleyball tournament, my sister persuaded my parents to take us to a zoo. 
Sistaaaaaaas <3
You cannot speak of volleyball without posting pictures of it
My wrist was injured, but who gotta do what you gotta do. 
The team. Let's place spot Mariya. 
(Hint: I'm #22)
Olive being her gracefully pussy cat self.
Car ride to church on Easter morning. I <3 sun
Ukrainian Easter Basket
Outfit of that day, yes I know. Not very bright and colorful, but then again its a religious holiday.
Oh, and near church I found a small bird nest in a young tree. 

I'll post more next week about my 3 day Memorial Weekend in Canada, and coming soon is a family favorite Sablés recipe. Have a grew weekend!

Love, Mariya


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