'Getting Ready for Spring' Saturday

So its March 22 already and todays probably the first day that it truly felt like Spring was really here. 
After the bipolar weather of the past few weeks I was a bit skeptical in dressing for warmer weather; so there I was, walking around 34th street with my winter jacket on. 
Not my best. 

For some reason I associate shadows with Spring. 
It must have something to do with Groundhogs Day, I'm not even sure why. 
So this morning, as I was walking towards the train station, you can imagine the feeling I got when I saw this. There's something about it that just screams out "Hey! Look here! Sunlight! Rebirth! Spring!"
Oh, and this, too. Easter is the equivalent of Spring. As are pretty pastel colors and cute little fluffy animals (BUNNIES :D)
But, New York City was still being cloudy and I didn't like that. 
Also, doesn't spring just make you want to go shopping? Like, now that winter is officially over, I feel like I'll have absolutely nothing to wear for this fresh weather. 
Basically: New season, new clothes. (Hey that sounds like a good idea for a new post *hint*  *hint*)
After going through what felt like a few dozen stores, my mother and I took a well needed coffee break. 
Well, the break was more so buying and waiting for the coffee. 
Drinking it was during a few more hours of shopping (..not complaining though)
And then was "Well, lets take pictures of us drinking coffee"
*Correction: drinking a Café misto with hazelnut syrup*
Oh no wait, theres actually a normal one.
And then, even though we were each carrying about what felt like a few hundred bags, I just kept on taking pictures. 
…playing around with focusing...
…here we go again...
Oh and here's a terrible picture of me and my new {fake} glasses from h&m drinking my free grande iced coffee. 
…and en even worse one. 
I have no shame.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Yours Truly, 
Mariya Kulyk


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