College Visits Part I (Boston)

So the weekend of the first week in August was supposed to be fabulous-- My friends and I were taking a road trip to visit New England colleges. Our first stop was Boston. 

We started off with the usual suspect, Harvard. (Or, as the locals say, Hahvahd!) 
And here are mis amigas! 
Here's me in front of some library there. 
If you can't go inside... Just take pics on the steps and that'll make you feel better. 
(Perk of having a friend who's a photographer: they'll take super-good-quality-amazing pics of you)
By the way, I'm in love with my shorts. They're so lose and comfortable, not to mention the perfect summer pattern. I got them from Pacsun. Now, back to Harvard. 
This was the famous statue of John Harvard. Rumor has it that if you touch his shoe, you will have better fortune with getting in here 😏 In addition, Harvard students sometimes (when not sober) think it's a great idea to go and pee on the shoes. I did not come close to that shoe. 
Did you guys know that the statue wasn't even of John Havard. Since no one remembered what he looked like, and all records of his appearance burned down in a library fire, they modeled the statue after Sherman Hoar. 
That, my friends is one of the "3 Lies of Harvard." The other two being less interesting: 
2. John Harvard wasn't really the founder if Harvard (He was just the first major benefactor)
3. Harvard wasn't founded in 1638. (But in 1636)
And this was their HUGE library. It was donated by the mother of an alumnus who died. It is called the "Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library."
 Fun fact: It houses 57 miles of shelves and 4 miles of ailes 😮 

Our next stop in Boston was Ristorante Fiore, in a very Italina neighborhood. 
We polished off the bread and olive oil pretty quickly...
So I ordered shrimp, thinking that they would just bring me seafood, but surprise! Here's some fresh homemade pasta to go with that! 😍
It. Was. A. Maze. Ing. Although, we, being the impatient girls that we are, we're a bit angry that the waiter took so long with the bill, and change, and just everything in general. 
Oh, and pinkberry 😄

After this, we went to Boston University, which in our opinion, sucked. (Campus wise). We just didn't get those good university vibes there. At all. 

Then, was Tufts University. It was pretty small, consulted to others. However, the campus was like a mini-Harvard. The building were mostly New England style, and all I could imagine was how cool it must be there during the wintertime. The only downside was that there was no one there and we couldn't get any information about the college itself, and that the campus was very hilly. But, that's good for staying in shape! 
We climbed up this one hill and found that we were on top of some roof-top garden. It was a high-school musical moment. 
That wind though...

And, cannot forget about dinner! We found this little restaurant in the middle of the woods of Massachusetts. It has this homey feel, AND THEY GAVE POPSCORN INSTEAD OF BREADSTICKS! Genius. Absolutely genius. 

Well that was the conclusion of Boston colleges.  
To be continued.... 
On the next post: Brown University! Yale University! More food! Yay! 

----- Mariya Kulyk 


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