Sweet Saturday Soiree with my Spectacular Sibling

Why all the S's? 
                                                                      … because it sounds cool. 
                                                                                                                   … and because alliteration. 

Alliteration (n.) A literary device which uses the repition of letters or sounds to  a sentence or line of a
                         poetry that is more interesting or pleasing to the ear. 

So now you understand why all those poems you read as a kid are still resonating in your head. 
"...Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out…"   
Written by the best of the best—Shel Silverstein. Wow, even his name alliterates. His poems were the best. They were so thoughtfully and perfectly written that even as a child I was stricken by the beauty of the words concealed in the depths of the humorous phrases. And yes, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout was a favorite.
Now, back to the person about whom this post is dedicated to…

My sister, Diana. 

So recently, she's been obsessed with fashion and all things Paris, so for her 8th birthday I decided to give her a feel of the city of love by taking her out to one of the most European cafés I could find—Cafe Lalo
When we got there, the whole place was packed so we spent half an hour waiting outside, sitting on the benches and taking numerous photos :)
 …oh well it was worth the wait. 

 Oh and we may have underestimated the portion sizes and ordered more than would fit on the table. 
I learned a few things from this. 
1. In Europe, a soup is not an appetizer. It is a main dish and comes in large bowls. 

 I ordered a sandwich with smoked salmon and grilled zucchini on sour dough bread. 
And yes, it did taste as delicious as it looks and sounds.
And for dessert: Chocolate lava cake!
 After stuffing ourselves to the limit, we walked a few blocks to my sisters favorite, Central Park. 
We visited the Belvedere Castle for a windy photo shoot. 
I thought the frozen pond looked like it had nerve cells in it...
 That wind though…..

Hope you all have a great St. Patrick's Day on Monday!

Yours Truly,
       Mariya Kulyk


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