New Season, New Clothes

So today I realized how much h&m has progressed over these past few years. 
I'm not sure if its just me, but never before have I wanted to buy out half the store. 
So, I'm going to share the few things I bought today. 
(Woah 2 blog posts in one day… must be that awesome spring feeling!)

Soo, lets start with the highlight of my purchases. 
A soft, fluffy white cardigan from h&m. 
I've been looking for one for a while now and finding this made me so happy. 
Next, this pretty skirt. 
A crop top with a cat on it. 
It was cute, and for $4.95, why the hell not. 
Printed leggings. They were actually very flattering and made my legs look longer. 
White skinnies. 
Light, simple. The equality of the spring feeling. 
 And they go great with this shirt I have
And last but not least, I landed a great deal at Steve Madden. This pair of boots, which used to cost around $250 or so, were not only discounted to $219.99, but they were also 50% off. 
Since the winter ended, these shoes were going out of season. My tall leather boots were getting worn out (I would've bought a pair next year anyway; Why not do it now when winter things are on sale?)
And even though this isn't a new buy.. I'm excited to finally wear my favorite denim jacket
(from Forever XXI)
[Excuse my feet, but taking the picture was pretty difficult haha]

And I'm sure I'll still feel like I have nothing to wear :P

Your Truly, 
Mariya Kulyk 


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