Showing Support for Ukraine at a Day of New York City Demonstrations

I'm sure many of you are aware of what is currently going on in Ukraine. 

 Today in New York City, there was to be a Ukrainian demonstration against Russia's decision to invade Crimea, a part of Ukraine. 
So my sister, Diana, and I got to making a poster. 
Next step: Blue & yellow face paint in honor of the Ukrainian flag.
When we got there (approximately 10 minutes before it was officially supposed to start) a large crowd had already formed. 
The blue & yellow is the Ukrainian flag, while the red is that of the Crimean Turks.
This was across the street from the original protest because they could not fit everyone!
My whole family came.
Mom asked me to take a selfie of everyone…
The police were shooing me off because they "couldn't have people standing on the sidewalk." -_- 
I only wanted to take pictures…
So thankful that Poles, Lithuanians, and Estonians came to support us!
As the protest on E 67th ended, everyone began marching to the Russian General Consulate, on 91St. 
There were far more people here and even more came as my family and I left. 
I hope everything turns out peacefully and that the world will realize Russia's cruel move on taking over Ukrainian territory and oppressing and attacking innocent people there! 


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