Procrastinating AP Prep for a Perfect Park Day

So with my AP World History exam coming up next week I've had nothing else on my mind.
 So when my mother said, "Mariya, we're to the park. Are you coming?" I tried to find a million reasons why it was absolutely necessary that I go; so that I wouldn't feel bad for missing out on precious study time. 
Regardless, I said fuck this and went. I needed a break, even it's only been two days since I started this hardcore prep. 
And, as always I took pictures. 
Hey there mom, looking fabulous in you favorite lilac sweatshirt. 
And here's Diana, that flower child 
There was a whole field of them! And duh we made our wishes 
My mom and sister had a picture perfect moment. Look at those cheekbones!
Look I found another hot grafitti wall! 
So since it was Mother's Day this past weekend I'd like to dedicate this post to the most inspirin and caring woman I know, I love you mom!
Thank you for taking photos of me aha😘😜


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Mariya Kulyk
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